The equine sector in Normandy is:

Course chevaux

Keys figures

17900 Jobs

6,470 businesses

1.334 billion of yearly turnover

Material means responsive to the request

37 trainings center for horse professions

2 national stud farm (Haras du Pin et de Saint Lô)

42 Hippodromes organizing 264 racing per year

670 equestrian establishments

115 000 identify horses 157 000 valued hectares

12 189 birth per year



Professionals who work for the sector in its entirety

4,840 horsebreeders

46747 registered members

212 professional riders

515 coaches

190 farriers

33 organizations in the horse industry

50 breeds raised in Normandy which famous local breeds: cheval percheron, cob normand, âne normand, âne du cotentin.

291 services providers and industry operator