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Normandie Destination Cheval Published 6 December 2019

The beach: horses and fine sand

Early risers may be lucky enough to cross paths with racehorses training on the sand that is still wet from the receding tide. In summer, petiseros, who are responsible for taking care of polo ponies, lead them in groups of four or five so they can enjoy the benefits the seawater provides. By evening time, it is the horse riders who make their way to the once-again deserted beach to enjoy the sunset.

You will undoubted fancy joining them, so saddle up! Several equestrian centres allow riders, even beginners, to take horses onto the beach.

But maybe you feel that being a driver is more your thing? Discover the exhilarating sensations of harnessed trotting along the beach at Deauville, two people on a sulky!

Equestrian sports events

The International Equestrian Hub was founded in 2010 and it has modern infrastructures and top-of-the-range equipment that allow it to organise and host more than 80 days of competition per year, including major international events in several disciplines. In’Deauville organises guided visits to competitions so you can see what goes on behind the scenes there. It also hosts professional equestrians, such as the rising star of show jumping Félicie Bertrand, a riding school as well as a restaurant where you can watch the horses as you sit at your table.

In the heart of the Yearlings sales

ARQANA is an organisation that specialises in auctions of Thoroughbreds and Trotters. The famous Yearlings sale in August presents Thoroughbred English foals of prestigious origin, the future stars of the racetracks, to buyers from across the entire world. An exhibition of equine photographs by Emanuele Scorcelletti can be visited around the sales buildings and visitors can admire the horses on sales days or take a guided visit organised by In’Deau-ville to help you understand what goes on at the event.

Galloping all year round

Inaugurated in 1863 as an initiative led by the Duke of Morny, founder of the seaside resort of Deauville, Deauville-La Touques racecourse is an emblematic site for horseracing in Normandy. It is essentially in August that the racecourse hosts the thrill of a major event, the Meeting de Deauville Barrière, during which the finest racehorses (flat racers) compete with each other. Activities for families and guided visits are organised on race days, giving everyone the chance to explore the world of horseracing.

The racecourse is also home to a training centre where horses exercise every day. You can observe the activities of these stables located in the heart of Deauville from rue Letellier, avenue Hocquart de Turtot or Boulevard Mauger.

Trotting and galloping, all types of racing can be seen at Clairefontaine

A more recent racetrack than the one at Deauville La Touques, Clairefontaine has been hosting races featuring a variety of disciplines since 1928. You therefore have the opportunity to enjoy trotting races, flat races and jump races in a convivial setting richly embellished with flowers. From June to late October a variety of themed activities are available for families on race days. Do not miss out on a guided visit which will show you around from the scales to the stables.

Passion Polo at Deauville

From Gabrielle Chanel to Winston Churchill, the lawns of Deauville have been visited by many famous personalities since the Polo Club was founded in 1907.

The Gold Cup is always a not-to-be-missed event in the calendar, during which the best players in the world, mainly Argentinians, come to play against each other in team competitions in the central area of Deauville La Touques Racecourse. The fervid commentators will help you to understand the rules of this thousand-year-old equestrian sport.

The Polo School will give you a chance to see how you han-dle a mallet while riding a pony, a horse or even a wooden horse. In’Deauville provides 100% polo initiations and immersion days

InDeauville Equestrian diary

Deauville proudly revels in its passion for horses and plenty of equestrian events take place there. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the brochure entitled “Horses stories” and the special InDeauville diary so you don’t miss a thing!


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