Conseil des Chevaux de Normandie

The Normandy Horse Council

Heart of the equine industry

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Since 1997, the Normandy Horse Council aggregates all the equine skills in a unique place. It is an interface between equestrian professionals and institutions. It represents and gathers the equine industry in Normandy.

Six groups gathering 60 professional associations represent the interests of above 4,500 socio-professionals from the whole equine industry: flat and trot racing, sport and draft horses, donkeys, promotion, structuring sites, training- research-business.

The Normandy Equine Industry

Due to its culture, its history and its territory, Normandy is, by its very essence, an exceptional region for horses. Thanks to a large network of businesses, the region is home to the biggest infrastructures for innovation with the Hippolia cluster, for research with the number 1 European Equine Research Centre and investment with its inter-professional support and assistance network. With its exceptional sites and the expertise of its professionals, Normandy is the birthplace of champions, and hosts many competitions and races.

18 000



billion euros sales per year

170 000


1 000

horse events per year

Norman portraits

Equestrian sports, galop and trot races, norman champions win it all !

Norman excellence for international projects

The attractiveness as well the influence of the equine industry are embodied by the Normandy Horse Council, the essential contact providing you with support in your equine projects.