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Horse riding training and summer camps

Enjoy the activities of a summer camp or benefit from the advices of international competition riders during private lessons. From beginers to professionnal riders, Normandy offers a wide range of training programs fitting your need.

Normandy is the ideal region to get your feet into the stirrups!

Born out of the meeting between military practice and the development of leisure activities, the French Equestrian Tradition has now received official classification as part of UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage and it brings together 34 disciplines recognised by the French Equestrian Federation. Show jumping, Three-Day Events, Pony Games, Western, Dressage, Horse Ball and many others are taught in Normandy, for people who want to be initiated, to improve their skills or simply to take a refresher course.

With more than 680 equestrian centres, equestrian tourism centres and pony-clubs based in Normandy that are members of the French Equestrian Federation, access to equestrian activities has never been so simple.

During the summer, some programmes that are diverse, varied and can even be specifically tailored to suit individuals are organised and will give you the opportunity to explore Normandy via the horses and ponies the region is home to. Your stay will therefore not only be rich in emotions and encounters but also in terms of learning !

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