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Equitation Services Francis Mas

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Equitation Services Francis Mas

MAS Francis

9 allée des bleuets

14940 Sannerville

312 240 922 000 61



Company’s activities

  • Coach
  • Horseriding instructor
  • Summercamps

Services provided

  • Overseas missions and exportation services
  • Reception of foreign clients onsite

Languages spoken within the team

  • French

Geographic zones targeted to welcome clients

  • Africa and Middle East
  • Europe

Equestrian facilities

Carrière extérieure

Quantity: 1

Dimensions (meters): 50*70


Quantity: 1

Dimensions (meters): 20*40

Other working facilities

  • Round pen
  • Lunge pen
  • Walker

Horses reception

Stables for horses in transit

Paddocks for horses in transit


The yard accepts stallions

Number of parking spaces available for light vehicles: 10

Number of parking spaces available for lorries and vans: 5

Hosting training camps

Number of riding instructors: 2

Accommodations available nearby:




Transport of riders in training camps

Shuttle service to accommodations and restaurants available

Horse riding

Levels taught

Overseas missions

Overseas missions

How long: 7 semaines (weeks)

  • EU
  • China
  • North Africa

Price per day (excluding travel fees): 300

Package price (excluding travel fees): 1500

Exported products