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Côte d’Albâtre

Normandie Destination Cheval Published 22 April 2019

Over 130 kilometre stretch of coastline, from Le Havre to Tréport via the iconic town of Etretat, the pebble beaches and the chalk cliffs are some of the most emblematic landscape features in Normandy, and you can explore them in the company of horses.

Carriage rides with the coastline guardians

With a pair of Norman Cobs pulling you along, come and share the passion of the guardians of the Valleuse d’Antifer coastline. Explore this protected nature site and its flora and fauna with the expertise of these specialists to guide you. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet members of the Défi-Caux association who use draught horses to maintain and look after the coastline.

Saddle up at the Côte d’Albâtre

Whether you are a novice rider or an experienced rider, don’t miss this wonderful ride along the clifftops with the sea forming your horizon. When the sun is setting, this is an unforgettable experience, when your senses are heightened by nightfall. Experienced riders can join up for a made-to-measure group ride for a day or several days along the Côte d’Albâtre. Children will not miss out as they can take their first pony ride along a marked circuit with sea views. A wonderful time for all the family to enjoy.

The tracks of Dieppe

On the outskirts of Dieppe, come and discover a bower of greenery that extends over 70 hectares. From May to September, the famous grass track plays host to major meetings across three horseracing disciplines: flat racing, jump racing and trotting races. A brasserie and a panoramic restaurant allow you to enjoy every moment of the spectacle on a race day.


Crédits photos : Frères Séverine