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Normandy Horse Council news Published 18 December 2020

Kinésia Inauguration

The Medical Imaging and Research Centre for Equine Locomotor Conditions (Cirale), Normandy equine hub of the Alfort National Veterinary School (EnvA), is continuing its expansion in Goustranville.

A new clinical care and research unit for physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation was inaugurated in September: Kinésia. This project, led by the joint association Normandie Equine Vallée, was financed by Normandy Regional Council and Calvados Departmental Council along with support from the Eperon Fund.

With the creation of a world-first balneotherapy unit, Kinésia provides an opportunity to develop top-level research and training in the field of veterinarian physiotherapy and rehabilitation, more specifically:

Kinésia has from exceptional infrastructures:

EquuRES Label officially recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture

The EquuRES Label has gained official recognition from the French Ministry of Agriculture, becoming the only recognised quality label for the equine sector in France! Following the presentation of the label and its new charter in July, the national commission for environmental certification has validated its equivalency to level 2. The EquuRES label has been confirmed as a quality label with credibility for professionals working in equine sector.

A 3-level system of environmental certification applies to agricultural businesses and serves to provide recognition for businesses that commit to adopting particularly ecologically sound approaches. This is a voluntary procedure, accessible to all sectors, based on four environmental themes:

• protecting biodiversity,
• phytosanitary strategy,
• fertilisation management,
• water resources management.

Now all businesses that have the EquuRES label automatically obtain level 2 agricultural business environmental certification.

Saddle up for business creation

The Normandy Horse Council is launching a new project: Saddle up for business creation.

Its aim: to help young entrepreneurs with their project of starting an equine agricultural business.

Whether they are riders, trainers, teachers, breeders or anything else, these young entrepreneurs will receive assistance in their business for three years. Saddle up for business creation offers young business owners in the equine sector the chance to learn skills in managing and piloting their future equine agricultural businesses in Normandy, in addition to crucial communication skills.

This assistance programme is divided into several sequences throughout the three years thanks to which the young entrepreneurs will gain knowledge of all the essential aspects involved in running a business:

The main strength of this new concept is based around capitalising on the partners who are part of the équi-projets network: experts in business creation. This network includes: Crédit Agricole Normandie, EQUICER, SAFER de Normandie, Equi-ressources as well as the Normandy Horse Council which is leading this project.

In order to facilitate young entrepreneurs setting up their businesses and networks as well as finding their clients, the NHC, in cooperation with SAFER, can provide access to high-quality support structure, as part of which they will be able to hire equipment and resources to help launch their businesses.

Horse mutilations crisis

Since the beginning of the year and particularly since the summer, many cases of attacks (mutilation and execution) on horses have been reported throughout France, putting all horse owners are on high alert.

Faced with this terrible outbreak, the Normandy Horse Council has helped relay all information provided by the police and the free hotline set up by the French Equine and Horse-Riding Institute IFCE.

Plenty of technical and legal advice has been put together concerning:

In partnership with Pôle Hippolia, the NHC has also set up an online platform identifying the various surveillance tools available to horse owners: video, movement detection, equine heart monitoring, detection systems for breaks in electric fences, long-distance beam torches…

Finally, the Normandy Horse Council has been in close contact with the police, has provided information concerning all action taken and has organised information meetings with horse owners throughout Normandy.

New publication by the REFErences network

From trotting, galloping, driving to asses’ milk, active stables, shared stables and eco-pastoralism; ten businesses have recently been the subject of a study to look into and increase understanding of the way they work. The aim of this project was to explore the systems and tools used for horse and property management, which are not studied as part of the current national equine network. The idea was to establish the initial reference points and to identify any interesting operating strategies which could be studied in greater depth under the new measures.

These different operating strategies were defined more precisely by conducting a few semi-structured interviews and using the network’s methodological approach. For each business, the following information is available: structural factors, the main stages of development for the business, the key figures relating to the specificity studied, description of the way they operate, economic indicators and an analysis of the main strengths, weaknesses and key factors behind the success of these businesses. These initial technical and economic reference points help in the understanding of these different orientations.

Document available in French.

Second confinement and equine activities

Due to the current health crisis, a new period of confinement began on 29 October 2020. Once again, the NHC has been providing professionals with assistance throughout this crisis.
Although the constraints were less onerous for certain sectors than during the first period of confinement (with racing and competitions continuing behind closed doors, access to beaches allowed for horse training and permission being granted to continue all professional activities not involving opening to the public) all establishments that open to the general public have been forced to close their doors.

Horse owners have nevertheless been allowed to look after their animals, including provision of essential physical exercise. Equestrian centres have this time been authorised to open for experienced riders who are able to practice without assistance in order to allow horses to exercise as necessary until the current restrictions are lifted.

Since 28 November, horse riding in open air establishments has been permitted for minors as long as the relevant health protocols are fully respected. Adults are allowed to go horse riding only within a radius of 20km from their homes and for a maximum of 3 hours.

Equine digital week

The National Federation of Horse Councils is organising an innovative and 100% digital event, The Equine Digital Week, from 5 to 13 December. Normandy Horse Council is one of the partners in this event and we are aiming to use it as an opportunity to showcase Normandy.

At our virtual Normandie Écurie-Monde stand, Normandy Horse Council will highlight the  best of the equine sector in Normandy: training and installation, environment, breeding, research and innovation, tourism…

Visitors will be able to talk with us and ask any questions they may have via video link or via instant messaging. There will also be videos they can watch and documents they can download.

Normandy will also be at the heart of things on the events and debates video channels from the trade fair:

• Arqana breeding sales live from Deauville
• Meeting with Astier Nicolas in his Normandy stables
• Debate about animal welfare assisting performance with Charlotte Fustec, who is responsible for the EquuRES Label, the environmental and animal welfare label for the equine sector
• Testing of Selle Français stallions, live in Saint-Lô
• Meeting with Kevin Staut in his Normandy stables
• Debate about assistance for setting up equine-based businesses with Stéphane Deminguet from Normandy Horse Council
• Meeting with Geneviève Mégret at the Clarbec stud farm in Normandie
• Meeting from Deauville featuring races, reports, interviews…