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Landing Beaches

Normandie Destination Cheval Publié le 1 avril 2019

Key remembrance sites located in the departments of Manche and Calvados, there are several Landing Beaches located in Normandy. From unspoilt sites to the seaside resorts close to Caen, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes here and they all have one thing in common: vast stretches of sand that are great for equestrian activities.

Saddle up on the beach

When the tide is out, step out onto these huge beaches on horseback, for a walk, a trot or a gallop, depending on your experience level. Some equestrian centres even provide placid ponies so that young children can accompany you as you head along the shore. They will be delighted to ride on the backs of these adorable companions and hear the seashells cracking beneath their hooves.

Swimming with horses

At Courseulles, enjoy a unique experience. No saddle required, the direct contact you have with your mount means that you can feel every movement and allow yourself to set off into the water. Hold on to the mane and enjoy the thrill of swimming with horses.


Crédits photo : Sylvain Guichard / Calvados Attractivité